Friday, February 3, 2012

Systems: science fiction about the Unity of God

Systems is the debut novel of Saleena Karim, the author of Secular Jinnah and Pakistan (2010). I have read it and liked it very much, and strongly recommend it to all those who are interested in the issues usually discussed on this blog. I intend to review the book soon, but just now copying the email sent out by the author through her mailing list:

Hello Folks,

I'm delighted to announce the release of my novel, Systems. Many of you will have heard me mention that I've been working on it for a long time; others of you won't have known anything about it. But it's finally done, and it went into print on 14 January, exactly two years before the key characters of the novel ... well, die.

It's already available to buy in paperback at, and will also become available at Amazon UK later this week (you can pre-order it already). For those of you who have a Kindle or any ebook reader, you can buy the book (and read the first 10 chapters for free) via this link. The story is a dystopian sci-fi thriller following two time periods: 2014 and 2042. The plot involves reincarnation, psychics, and government conspiracy, but it's really asking questions about humanity's potential and the possibility of an ideal society. At its core is an idea called the 'Cohesive Ethics Theorem'. A fabulous trailer is available to see here:

You'll find the blurb and all other details at our new site: (as I mentioned in my last message, CB now redirects to a portal). In addition (after many years) I'm starting - or, I should say, re-starting - a blog for the new book. Here I will be explaining the philosophical content of the novel, how it links to some things that Dr. Muhammad Iqbal said a century ago ... and of course, the theorem.

And finally, some requests: 1) Please forward this email to everyone you know. 2) Even if you don't normally read fiction, make sure you buy and read this book - especiallyif you are in agreement with things I have said in SJ2. 3) And please post your (honest) reviews on Amazon. This will help me more than you know.

All the Best, and Take Care Folks,



  1. I just ordered the book. Sounds interesting indeed.

  2. Thanks for posting this Khurram Sahib!