Saturday, November 7, 2009

My appearances on Iqbal Day

I am making several appearances, electronic and live, this Iqbal Day (Monday, November 9, 2009) in Pakistan. Here is the program:

  • 8:30 am to 9:00 am: Breakfast with Dawn, on Dawn News Channel – live interview
  • 10:00 am to 12:00 am: FM 105, Radio channel in Karachi – live interview
  • 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm: Adamjee Institute, Karachi – lecture and presentation
  • 7:00 pm: Arts Council, Karachi – Launching Ceremony of my book, Iqbal: Tashkeeli Daur, 1905-1913. Ceremony will be presided over by Dr. Sahar Ansari and several distinguished speakers will include Dr. Ahmad Safi, with whom many of you must already be familiar
  • 7:00 pm: Aaj TV - special program on Iqbal Day, hosted by Rahat Kazmi. Other participants include Arshad Mahmood and Zaid Hamid (it was recorded last Wednesday).
You are most welcome to come to the ceremony at Arts Council if you live in Karachi. Just send me an email in advance, so that I may leave your passes at the entrance.

Iqbal, the first telefilm about the life of Allama Iqbal written by me, directed by Faisal Rehman and produced by Iqbal Academy Pakistan, will also be aired that day from PTV at 11 am.


  1. Shafique Sahib...congrates

    hmm...quite an exposure you will get which is a good sign that at least we have started acknowledging the good and hard work of a person.

    I will Inshallah be there in ART COUNCIL by 7:00pm sharp with Rehan.


  2. NOTHING would stop me if in Karachi today from being there. Meantime, am letting contacts know about this, hopefully in time.

    My entire week in New York City, I spoke of your work and showed/told about the book saying I would be sending copies as gifts.

    Can't wait to hear all about this and also the speech in your honor!

    What a bridge you have been - along with Rumi and Allama Iqbal for peace and offering such solid hope to our younger generations.

    Prayers that Allah continue to protect you and offer strength and peace for your many exemplary and excellent efforts. May you stay obedient in every way to your Allah-given calling and vision.


    Documentary at Dawn TV 9.30 am

    It was titled perceptions about Iqbal and Khurram Sahib very eloquently pointed his views about Iqbal studies. As Khurram Sahib is very vocal about Iqbal's prophetic clairvoyance, and the future of our world which was contested by the other participant an eminent critic and writer Asif Furukhi. Asif dismissed Iqbal as a clairvoyant or a philosopher and wanted to only reach out to Iqbal the poet. Unfortunately he missed the point that Iqbal himself has clearly mentioned that his poetry is only to bring forth the ideas that he cherish and he did not like only to be labeled as a poet.

    Khurram Sahib very well quoted from Iqbal and this verse clearly points what IQBAL meant:

    Hadsa jo abhi perdae aflak mein hey
    Aaks us ka mere aainae idraak mein hey


    Live show at FM 105 at 10.00 am

    It was 2 hours of absolute ecstasy. Iqbal was remembered differently. Music from some of classic Pakistani movies with a brilliant narration by Khurram Sahib on its relativity to Pakistan was heard like a folklore. Iqbal, Waheed Murad, Masroor Anwar, Sohail Rana and Sehba Akhtar were all remembered together in the backdrop of a theme that I AM PAKISTAN and YOU ARE PAKISTAN.

    During rendering Javidnama’s synopsis the DJ mentioned that Khurram Sahib’s eyes were moist. We know how sensitive he is about Pakistan and the plight that we are in.


    IQBAL a telefilm at 1.00 pm

    It was a work with a mixed bag. Some brilliant sequences, vivid dialogues and some lackluster direction.

    Faisal Rehman a brilliant actor missed golden touch that has made him one of the finest actors.

    The plus points came in flashes here and there. Script was good, certainly the name of hero and the main character Arman was brilliantly conceived-ringing the bells from past of Waheed's Arman and Faisal's own character of Arman. The Ram-lal scenes subtly shown as what Khudi is and how it can be elevated, evolved and dissolved. The outrageous Usman Peerzada scenes with Quaid's image reflected upside down was very imaginatively conceived.

    Film a Directors medium need a director with an eye and sensibility. In his debut work perhaps Faisal could not put it coherently.


    Aaj Tv Program YA RUB DILAY MUSLIM KO at8.00 pm

    A fascinating program, where Khurram Sabib was at his best, Lucid and eloquent. His presentation bewildered the other participants, Rahat Kazmi, Arshad Mehmood and the present day Iqbal ‘expert’ Zaid Hamid. They looked simply in awe. It was only the short breaks and Zia Mohiuddin’s rendering of Iqbal in between that gave them a little respite.

  7. Anyone here who knows of any news article, rebroadcast in English or Urdu (I have contacts who speak both now) and any You Tube videos of any of these Iqbal Day events, do let all of us students at RR know.

    Today I am praying for the full impact of Allama Iqbal's message through Khurram Shafique Sahib's clear vision to get through to those who attend, hear, read and watch the events of this day today and later and to all of us here. Also am praying for Dr. Safi's speech!

  8. Amazing work Sir. Shafique!!! Mabrook! May Allah bless you with His love, and with health, happiness, and success always (Ameen).

    We are all proud of YOU Alhamdulillah :)

  9. The request posted BEFORE Akhtar Wasim Dar Sahib as OFTEN comes simultaneously to response BEFORE he gets it. So I am thrilled so deeply to hear of each segment.

    While I enjoyed each segment you described, I especially loved this part: "Khurram Sabib was at his best, lucid and eloquent. His presentation bewildered the other participants, Rahat Kazmi, Arshad Mehmood and the present day Iqbal ‘expert’ Zaid Hamid. They looked simply in awe."

  10. How could we be at all surprised at the work and spoken glimpses of Allam Iqbal as known so well in heart, spirit and soul by our teacher here including such competent academic work and history yet clearly transcending that all in keeping with his LIVING mentor...

    We too experience Iqbal LIVING here among us - Pakistani and worldwide in the spirit of deepest poetry and prophecy as ONE HUMAN COMMUNITY.

  11. Our host, teacher, writer here need all our comments under the Nov. 9th DAWN article - "The Dream of Reality" - because we (some of us part of the 'unschooled masses' in some ways such as myself here with you) we - have and are catching our mentor's and Allama Iqbal's unified and universal vision more than many who've written their comments to that beautifully-written piece. I am studying to write my comment there as well.

  12. I saw all the programs on TV and listened to the radio program too. I absolutely loved the way Akhtar described all the events. :)