Sunday, May 23, 2010

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  1. Hello, RR family! I just signed up to quit FB officially - left a comment and feel so glad.

    There WILL be better options and we can get into a most creative place as we discuss among ourselves where to go from here. Who knows, probably in our own midst are enough geniuses to help visualize and invent a much more inclusive and positive program or to help give us suggestions on the best possible optional combo of programs.

    No need to feel alone or blocked from expression worldwide...You will see :)

  2. IF some here wish privately or vocally to remain on fb, I respect you completely for this choice.

    Also, I understood before (and understand even more after all some have expressed) how this decision feels like losing something so beautiful never to be recovered. So do I. Leaving some of my peace/justice and other people worldwide this way does diminish some free communications.

    Yet, I have come to this choice with care and now I have peace having made it. For me, it is easier perhaps since I recognize my tendencies to overdue :) and besides the sadness of leaving, I see some of the good which for me can come from giving fb up. Another positive for me is that in my world of "peace" folk near and far, religious, spiritual or not exactly - this letting go is one way for me SHOW others how deeply I care about courtesy, spiritual principles and respect for beliefs culture and rights.

    (Perhaps "showing" somehow can help bring empathy as well as the "work for rights". Many good folk in your land and ours who are finished with all religion can't easily understand why we want to still follow many of our inherited and chosen beliefs.)