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Javidnama (2006)

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Javidnama by Iqbal retold by Hina Tanvir; edited by Khurram Ali Shafique; illustrated by Tabassum Khalid.

First published by Iqbal Academy Pakistan in Junior Editions Series in 2006; reprinted several times since then.
ISBN 969-416-371-4
pp.48 (US Letter size; full-color)

Price Rs.200

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On a lonely evening, Iqbal meets Rumi. Together they embark on a journey to the end of the world and beyond - meeting those who cannot be seen, and those who are long gone. The worlds of spirit and matter combine, leading the poet into the presence of the Divine.

Javidnama was described by Iqbal as his "life's work" and can be justly regarded as one of the most important books of the modern times. This abridged edition presents the grand epic in simple contemporary English.

Note: Since then, I have switched to "Javid Nama" (writing the two words separately) because Iqbal himself wrote it like that. At that time I was following the style of A. J. Arberry who wrote the two words as one in his translation. Khurram Ali Shafique

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  1. Greetings,

    Very great book.

    I love the cover of this edition. I didn't know about the style of Arberry writing Javid Nama as one word. Interesting.

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