Sunday, September 21, 2008

14. Pakistan, a disciple of Shah Waliullah

In the elections of 2008, the consensus of the nation seems to be on consensus itself: the Pakistani society cannot be ruled except through a consensus government, the verdict seems to have stated.

As if miraculously, it brings us to the vision of Shah Waliullah. It seems that over the next twenty years, the "consensus" of the nation is likely to be on "itself" rather than a single towering personality.

The nation faced internal and external threats in the days of Shah Waliullah. He wrote letters to notable personalities at home and abroad, disseminated ideas about the spiritual reconstruction of society, launched ideological campaigns, and so on. Today, Pakistan faces internal and extrenal threats and increasing number of individuals are taking on the role of Shah Waliullah by sending text messages and emails, writing blogs, joining social activism or disseminating ideological messages through word of mouth.

If the idea of Pakistan is understood properly then each Pakistani is supposed to be Pakistan itself: individual and nation become the same thing, one becomes many and the many become one. In the words of the great Pakistani poet Sehba Akhtar, "Mien bhi Pakistan hoon, tou bhi Pakistan hai" (I am Pakistan, and you are Pakistan too).


  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for this post.

    I like how others are inspired by Shah Waliullah, taking on his role now. It's as if, while he is no longer present as an individual, he is nonetheless still present.

    All good wishes,


  2. Sir, thank you so much for this. I absolutely love what you have written here, about each individual of our society taking on the role of Shah Wali Ullah, and each of us being Pakistan! And this song - main bhi Pakistan hun, Tu bhi Pakistan hai - is my utter favourite.