Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Brief Note

A comment which I received the other day was: “At this stage, we need to learn more, what the True Patriotism is. Other things come later.”

Very well, then, after this series about Rashid Minhas, we can also discuss an author who lived in Karachi, wrote patriotic stories and modeled his hero after Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah but had millions of fans not only in Pakistan but also in India, where his work was also translated into Hindi. Here, his readers included President Ayub Khan, while in India his book launch was presided over by Lal Bahadur Shastri.

This was discussed in a previous post and will be repeated soon, but right now, can we consider this question:
  • Why do we consistently fail to recognize those aspects of our greatness which are without a parallel anywhere else in the world?
On a different note, those interested in the poetry of Perveen Shakir may like to read the poem she wrote about Rashid Minhas in 1971 (it’s in Urdu).


  1. Perveen Shakir was about two years younger than Rashid Minhas. Perveen Shakir's poem on Rashid Minhas echos and transcribes same love and aspirations for the country that we see in Rashid Minhas poem and later in his deeds-spot on. Love of possessions makes us fearful and love of ideals makes us fearless.

  2. I'm following it and will wait for the issue you are going to discuss next.

    seems pretty interesting.

  3. Wasim and ReeBz, thanks. The poem by Parveen Shakir seems to have generated additional interest :)

  4. ReeBz,
    I left a response to your's on the previous post.

    I looked up Parveen Shakir and found English translations of some of her poems - the sort of poetry I've always read and admired - yet way above most poetry - her's is full of universal pathos and depth understanding- what a gift to Pakistan and the world!

  5. ReeBz and all, I just found your comment back to me and placed another there on the older post.

  6. Connie,
    Thanks for the response,i have left one for you too :)