Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Issues: Rashid Minhas

The broad-mindedness of Rashid Minhas was very different from the so-called enlightened moderation which is now being turned down by most Pakistanis anyway. Rashid’s breadth of vision served him as a means for laying down his life for his country rather than being a deterrent to it.

In the next five posts we shall explore some of the issues pointed out in comments received about the Rashid Minhas series. Then I shall resume by sharing some more writings of Rashid Minhas (guaranteed to surprise you – for sure). Let’s discuss the following four points in the next four posts.

  • How to provide sustainable education?

“[Rashid Minhas] becomes a role model of every child when studied in the text books of primary classes but that idealism usually fades away with the growing span of time.”

  • What is realism?

“We always listen to such ideas [referring to the poem written by Rashid Minhas] but we seldom believe them, or I should say, we seldom think they are realistic. People like Rashid Minhas show us that maybe our definition of being ‘realistic’ should be revised.”

  • The importance of entertainment
“What we do in leisure, sometimes slowly, informs our quick reactions later. Rashid Minhas’ early reading and your comments here is such a striking reminder how we often become what we read, speak and do from our youngest years as well as over time. What we value and believe most deeply is not to be taken lightly.”
  • Time doesn’t come with labels
“Rashid Minhas was ahead of his time: we were waiting to go and fight for our dear motherland. But that time never came and then when we lost the war, I used to wonder often, how was it possible that our heads were on our shoulders, yet we had lost the war. I sincerely believed, having learnt it from Rashid Minhas that we should fight unto the last man and last bullet.”


  1. Educating and culturally cultivating the young minds is essential and ofcourse we have to review the standards of our art and literature.
    Reality is nothing but the perception of mind, the eye see only what the ming is prepared to comprehend. The patterns of our minds create the form of our world.

  2. One more thing is that our education bodies have such senseless assumptions. They want to open primary schools in rural areas but what about higher education. This is a loophole which needs to be mended because once a child is done with the primary education, he has no where to go and without higher education, from where will you make leaders and teachers of tomorrow. Then the issue of quality and entertainment is rightly raised.

    Rashid Minhas did have an amazing fighting spirit but what was his idea of power? Army men are always regarded by its nation but aren't they doing the same with the people across borders which our so-called enemies would be doing with us. I don't remember the name of the short story which Manto wrote but it also discusses the same issue.

  3. Tough times, eh! Yesterday I was consoled and gladdened to be reminded of a long-forgotten favorite writer. Other recent moments, someone will bring up a film I'd loved and forgotten.

    Those of us who are nearby current places of great upheaval - and yet who currently are not "in the fight" may sometiems turn to something for sustenance if not escape: a book, a film or some work of art. And might we also see these as "preparation"?

    I would love to hear the mention of a favorite film, book or writer...local or international.

  4. Like all, i would also opine same, "proper attention to the education system" is the key behind the progress of a country.

    Simple is that, we are forgetting out culture and our values slowly and gradually. we dont know our norms so we are not able to teach them to our younger generation.

    then,how can we expect anything good from them?They are what We Are!

  5. surprising to see an abrupt end to such a motivational and research hearted blog. all entries i went through pinned me down to the computer screen. that speaks for the dedicated efforts by Mr Khurram. please continue....