Thursday, May 28, 2009

Issues (2): Resilience

The story of Rashid Minhas is different from usual tales of patriotism in three aspects:
  1. Resilience
  2. Moral judgment
  3. Destiny
The crux of the fateful incident was timing and fast-thinking: he had to decide and act in less then ten minutes, and he did that. What elements in personality enable us to be like this? Is it also related to the fact that he didn’t think negatively, he respected not only his own heroes but also of other people and yet his love for his own country was non-negotiable? How is it related with self-respect? What is true self-respect? Teachers can encourage the students to explore these issues when they teach them about Rashid Minhas in schools.
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  1. The thing which we are mentioning here as fast thinking or timing.. i m taking it as a proactive way of thinking,i think he already guessed before the flight that this incident can happen because his flight instructor matiurrehman was from East Pakistan.

  2. Our lives do not represent only our physical entity, it extends beyond corporal. Our ideas and ideals are extension of our self. By nature we love our "self" without any preconceived notion. Our country is extension of self, our life.

  3. Thats a good approach IF we teach our students about our national heroes and remind them about our brilliant past,but as far as i think nowadays parents have no interest in it.

    I did schooling from an institute which was established in the fond memory of 8 Nishan-e-Haiderains.[Major Shabir Sharif Shaheed was the brother in law of my school's chariman]
    Till few years ago it was best institute in the area,which was not only responsible for reminding our glorious past to the students but was also shaping the personalities in the light of the guidelines provided by our heroes.But now, everything has been changed.Parents don't like to get admissions for their children in such a school.
    So, school has changed its policies, now its same as all are.

    Students Know how to Dance,how to sing[indian] songs,how to pass cheap comments but ignorant of their nation's basic!

    its time to take steps!

  4. Aleeraj, Wasim and Reebz, thanks. Aleeraj, the instructor was not scheduled to be with Rashid on that flight since it was a solo flight. He stopped Rashid on the taxiing track on some pretext and hijacked the plane. Thanks for mentioning proactivity, I think that is very relevant here especially if we define it in the long-term: Rashid lived up to his ideal at the heaviest cost. Once again, thank you all for the encouragement which you are giving to this series. Yes, its time to take steps.

  5. For me, what this discussion seems to be about is intent. When we are motivated primarily by self-interest, disregarding higher values such as collective harmony, loyalty, compassion - we seek to accumulate and hoarde what is not ours for the taking.

    Acting out of the intent to give, to serve the other for the benefit of the other - that is the sign of a generous, compassionate human being.

    Yes, this takes courage and a trust that we are here for a purpose and there is a Creator and all that happens, happens for a reason.

    We silence our mind that distracts us with our fears and desires and act appropriately, in that very moment - standing up for what is required and necessary.

    Its called freedom.