Friday, July 31, 2009

Principles of biography-writing

While friends are congratulating me on the publication of Iqbal - Tashkeely Daur, 1905-13, some have also asked the unavoidable question: Why a new biography of Iqbal when so many are already in print?

My series is different mainly due to the following principles (quite uncommon in our times):
  1. Include every known fact
  2. Maintain chronological order
  3. Anthologize
  4. Period setting
  5. Fragmented narrative

Explanation of these "principles" is available on my homepage, where you can also read sample from Book II


  1. The style of Biography that you have created is more informative and also very interesting. Each segment has been numbered that gives readers a sense of getting to a mile stone. The structure is very simple and the chronological order is of great value and gives a systematic understanding about a person, an event or an idea, and hence provides a complete picture. The element of novelty and drama, combined with humor and wit is a characteristic of your writing, which is present through out the narratives in the first volume. Your writings are poetic and analysis thought provoking and evocative. Best of luck for your future endeavors.

  2. Sir is this book easily available on all book stores or only on selected ones?
    can you please name them ?
    Me and my siblings are interested in your book.

  3. It should be available at least from Welcome Book Port in Karachi. Quite possibly, also from Fazlee Sons. Both are in Urdu Bazar.