Monday, October 26, 2009

Presidential Award for my book

News: my book Iqbal: an Illustrated Biography (2006) has won the Presidential Iqbal Award. Some details about the book can be found on my website.


  1. This is great news Khurram Sahib.
    I liked this book the very first time I came across it in a book fair. I am very fond of it and thus I had my copy signed by you for my son. I hope it makes him more curious about Iqbal and his message.

  2. Do I understand correctly that this honor involves a two-tiered process of many experts and only comes once every three years?

    Yet, despite the joy we all certainly experience along with this announcement -- this award surely comes without complete surprise to any who have opened this rare volume - whether for the first or the seventh time.

    The book is enthralling in vivid detail, sweeping in research, clear and artful in layout. This volume compels those new to Allama Iqbal while surely a challenge to the most conversant in his life, times and literature as well.

    Find here a unique blending of illustrations - including poignant old photographs, pieces of manuscript, synopsis and highlights. The scholarly yet current style meshes the milestones and lessons of Allama Iqbal's life into the sweep of history.

    Beyond the bouyant gladness of such a great honor, let's look deep and see the book's heart illuminating the turbulence of our time. There is unity and purpose here enough for the present and for many generations ahead and the haunting question toward the end - a call and perhaps a hidden promise: "Will another breeze arrive from the Hijaz?...Will there be another who knows all secrets?"

    After all, just the daily news is not enough nor is it the end nor the goal.

  3. Shafique Sahib

    Congratulations, I will go to the link about the book details too.

    Pardon my ignorance but couldn't read Dr Muhammad Iqbal that much.

    I would love to buy your book, I have started my search for it from today. Can you please suggest me any book store?

    Again congratulations !

  4. Adil, Connie and Thinking, thanks. Yes it is the same event, Connie.

    In Karachi, the book is available at Welcome Book Port and Fazlee Sons (Urdu Bazar), Teachers' Development Centre (Tariq Road) and Educational Resource Development Centre (N. Nazimabad).

  5. Many Congratulations to you Sir! Will read this book as well after the 'Tashkeeli Daur'...

  6. We feel honored and proud Khurram Sahib on this award being given to your Book. And just have a gut feeling that more honors await us very soon.

  7. Congratulations, I will definitely have to get this book.

  8. Shafique Sahib

    Thanks. Will you please elaborate where in Tariq Road, Teachers Development Center situated so that I can come to buy the book.

    Also is there any timings ?


  9. Komal, Akhtar, Rehan and Thinking, thanks.

    For information about Teachers' Development Centre (TDC), kindly send email to

  10. I'm still really really high about this award and trying not to tell every single person I meet! What an honor also for Allama Iqbal and Rumi!

  11. Congratulations. Allah rain nur on you and pakistan!

  12. Many Congratulations