Saturday, June 25, 2011


In Persian literature, Sarosh is variously understood to be the “voice of conscience” and the angel of poetic inspiration.

Hence Rumi is made to say in Javid Nama, “This silver portrait of beauty was born in God’s mind; he ranks with Gabriel and his name is Sarosh.” The entity is originally based on the Sraosha, a sacred figure in Zoroastrian mythology without any equivalent in the Vedic system (and hence he is seen by Iqbal after meeting Vishvamitra, the representative of Vedic wisdom).

In Javid Nama, he is depicted with two long tresses reaching down to the small of his back from either side of his shoulder. This could be symbolic of the two hemispheres of brain, as he is shown to be engaged simultaneously in music and verbal arts (respectively assigned to the right and the left hemispheres of brain).

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  1. hmm...good explanation...

    While I took this part of Javidnama differently...

    I thought:

    Sarosh is the second name of Philosophy...

    Which generated in Lord's mind because all HIS creation has some philosophy in it...

    And then it was sent to the World...

    In the Javidnama Sarosh has two long coal black terres could be the symbol of Science and Religion...both have the same origin or head...which is philosophy.

    Both the branches departed themselves visibly but technically they both are of same origin.

    But I will read that part again with your perpective...soon.

    Thanks !

    Note: If you have already received it...please delete this one. Thanks !