Saturday, July 2, 2011

Course Schedule: Introduction to Iqbal Studies

The online course 'Introduction to Iqbal Studies' is now going to be a regular feature of the Republic of Rumi and shall be offered four times a year according to the following schedule.

September 5 thru November 4: Registration closes on August 14, 2011.

  • January thru March
  • April thru June
  • July thru September
  • October thru December
See course details.

For registration and queries, contact


  1. Excellent news!! I'll spread the news :)

  2. hmm...its so good to read that...cause...

    Once I strated the course I was so excited and was fully envloved but now due to some unavoidable circumstances I am not at all paying attention...and it was killing me....

    But now...I can join again and hopfully this time around I will complete it with the same enthusiasm I showed in the start of this course....hmmm...

    Thank you Shafique Sahib....I know how difficult and time consuming it will be for you...

  3. The timeline for the next course looks much better for my schedule as well.