Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2017: Collect your free copy now

Title: 2017: The Battle For MarghdeenAuthor: Khurram Ali Shafique
Publisher: Libredux, UK
Word: 16358 (Approx)
Price: $1.99
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At midnight Pakistan Standard Time, 2017: The Battle for Marghdeen went live at Smashwords. You can pick it up by following the link below. And, for a short time only, the 65th Independence Day of Pakistan and Laylatul Qadr are being celebrated by leaving it open for free download to anyone who uses the coupon code available below.

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Marghdeen is the name of the ideal society conceived by Iqbal, the foremost Muslim thinker of modern times, in 1932. It is a world where life is inside-out, people know their destinies and there is no poverty, neediness, crime or injustice. In 2017: The Battle for Marghdeen, the author shows how such a society can be achieved in a short space of time, as long as we are prepared to change our perception of history and other domains of knowledge. 
This book presents the basic principles for achieving Marghdeen. They are illustrated with examples from modern history. There is a special emphasis on Pakistan and the Muslim world, but the principles can be applied anywhere in the world. 
“One of the finest achievements of the human mind is to see, to understand, and to put the things seen and understood into a greater perspective. With Khurram Ali Shafique, some kind of thinking of the heart has returned into the arena: a greater perspective, so to speak.” Dr. Thomas Stemmer

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  1. Thanks Khurram Sahib for this historical venture, a book that would provide foundation for further studies and also to be used as seeing past, present and future differently.