Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pakistan on the Night of Destiny

Recitation of Surah Qadr
with text, transliteration and translation

Laylah tul Qadr, or "the Night of Destiny" is one of the odd-numbered nights among the last ten of Ramazan (it is also translated as the night of Power, Majesty or Grandeur). According to Chapter 97, 'al-Qadr', the  Quran was revealed ("bestowed from on high") on this night. According to a common Muslim belief, this was 27 Ramazan, 13 years before migration to Madinah (some authorities suggest alternate dates).

Someone who reads the Quran after absorbing the spirit of Iqbal's message cannot help observing the connections which this brief surah establishes between Quran, Destiny and the mysteries of Time:
  1. Behold, from on high have We bestowed this on Night of Destiny.
  2. And what could make you conceive what it is, that Night of Destiny? 
  3. The Night of Destiny is better than a thousand months: 
  4. in hosts descend in it the angels, bearing divine inspiration by their Sustainer's leave; from all that may happen 
  5. does it make secure, until the rise of dawn.  
(This is approximately how Muhammad Asad translates the chapter). In Pakistan, this chapter of the Quran is also a reminder of a happy coincidence. Pakistan was "the final destiny" of its people, according to Iqbal, and it was also described by him as "an unborn world of the Quran". This unborn world of Quran came into being on the same night which was the anniversary of the revelation of Quran itself: 27 Ramazan (coinciding with the midnight of August 14-15, 1947).

Pakistan was born on the Night of Destiny. Can the country also work as a clue for showing us how destiny works in our lives? "Never did I, for a single moment, doubt that Pakistan would survive," said the first Prime Minister of Pakistan. "For I think, indeed I believe, that we had not done anything to deserve so high a boon as Pakistan, and that God will not deprive us of this boon unless and until we prove ourselves, by our misdeed, to be unworthy of it."

Let's remember this when we celebrate the Independence Day this year. The electronic edition of my new book will also be released on that date. The print edition will follow later. The book is in English, and is approximately 80 pages. It is called 2017: the Battle for Marghdeen. I hope that it will offer some more explanation of issues which I have briefly touched upon in this post.


  1. Last year, this blog and the associated newsletter were perhaps the first to mention that the Gregorian and Hijri dates of Pakistan's birthday would again coincide in 2012, just as they did in 1947 (and never since then).

    Ramazan 27 coincides with August 15 this year, according to the astronomical calendar. The midnight of August 14 and 15, which is the birthday of Pakistan, coincides with the 27th night of Ramazan.

    In Pakistan, due to a late sighting of the moon, the Ramazan 27 will actually coincide with August 16. However, the midnight of August 13 and 14, when the Independence Day is celebrated nowadays, would still be Ramazan 25, one of those odd-numbered nights which can possibly be the Night of Destiny.

  2. Allahumma, protect and inspire the descendants of those who hoped and those who were dissapointed, to what is better.

    Looking forward to your book.

  3. Greetings,

    Thank you for this post.

    We will be remembering this as these mid-August dates arrive.

    All good wishes,


  4. Thank you sir for the detail.I would be waiting to read your book.

  5. 27th, 25th....

    Concealment of the Night of Destiny is another natural system I believe.

  6. 27th, 25th...

    Concealment of the Night of Destiny is another natural system I believe. This night can't be made obvious in Modern History...

    What do you think?

  7. I still remember you sent the newsletter saying

    "For many spiritually inclined Pakistanis, one of the most special things about their country is that its date of birth-the midnight of August 14 and 15, 1947 – coincided with Shab-i-Qadr.Some of we don't even know that August 14, 1947 was 27th night of Ramadan 1366 (Laylat al Qadr or Shab e Qadr ). Once again, the night of the Independence Day will be the "Night of Power".

    We must ask Almighty God to give us the strength of Dynamism (Ammal), because "Dynamism establishes life."

    Thanks Sir,

  8. It is so wonderful to know that Pakistan was born on the night of destiny.
    Laylat al Qadr,it is such a powerful night.God bless Pakistan.

  9. The recitation of Surah al Qadr was so beautiful,I felt like listening to it continuously.
    Thank you Sir for this amazing article.