Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Biography of Rashid Minhas

The biography which I started in 1985 was finished in a year or so but never got published. Seeing the interest now, I feel I should get it printed as well as make available online. I'll keep you posted, but the first chapter has already been uploaded on my website as a test page. Take a look, and please let me know what you think of it.

One of the younger regulars has commented that she doesn’t know who Sohail Rana is. Perhaps I am jumping too abruptly from Rashid Minhas to the anthem of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). I would like to explain: look out for the next post.


  1. Very interesting and impressive opening chapter. Really attracts you to the innocent personality of " Rishi ".

    It will afford an opportunity to see the making of a great person from a young and innocent boy.

    J a v ed

  2. Superb! I am anxiously waiting for seeing it in published form and reading it all in one sitting. Also I am highly impressed with your knowledge and eloquence, have added this blog in Favorites :)

  3. Khurram Sahib, the test page of Rashid Minhas biography is interesting and we look forward eagerly for the publication of book.

  4. As soon as i signed in to my inbox on my cell phone,i read announcement about the book which left me so excited.
    I immediately ran towards my pc to connect net, so that i can read the first chapter you've uploaded on your web!
    I just finished reading it,it is nice and is interest-building as well.
    I would be extremely happy if you make sure its presence online but i will purchase it for SuRE!!i'm so much fond of having a nice collection of books in my little library!
    So far i've no any urdu book purchased by my own pocket money :P,but it would be the first :)

  5. Javed Sahib, Mujahid, Akhtar and ReeBz, thanks. It will be published soon, insha Allah.

  6. The momentum here & everything I've seen on this book/biography excites me as well & I hope I will be one of the first to read it in English!
    Bravo, Khurram! Keep up the writer's high calling. U are one of the best your dear & beautiful country has. And the students here are also up and coming leaders of outstanding value - and probably are already without always knowing so.

  7. Connie, thanks. I am honored by your comment (as well as the other comments here). I shall try to get the book translated into English too, and that shouldnt be difficult since the primary material is entirely in that language.

  8. mjy rashid minhas buhat pasand hai.agar mera bas chaly to main bhi rashid ki tarha he shhid hun.

  9. i lov rashid minhas,,,,,main un ki trha hi shaheed hona chahti hon..kash aisa ho skta k mai apne country k liyee jaan dy skon...kash mai kbi un sy mil skti meri life ki sb se badi wish hai k kash mai army join kr skon.
    un jesy ksi insan se,,,,,,,,,,adiba rehmat ali .....13..11..2009,,,,,,,,,,,,sahiwal

  10. its gr8....i am vry curious to no d whole biography......pleazh upload it az soon az possible........

  11. Dear Khurram Sir,
    I know this post is quite old and i'm a late comer but could you please tell me how i can get my hands on the book as the link that you provided does not work anymore. Also how can i sign up for your newsletters? Is there somr new website that you have moved to as i don't see any more posts on your blog....