Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prose about Rashid Minhas

And now, “forgotten prose” from Jamiluddin Aali, Asar Badayuni and Ibrahim Nafees! These articles appeared in the press soon after the death of Rashid Minhas and were then forgotten.

And now, “forgotten prose” from Jamiluddin Aali, Asar Badayuni, Inaam Durrani and Ibrahim Nafees! These articles appeared in the press soon after the death of Rashid Minhas and were then forgotten. It intrigues me that most of the issues discussed in recent comments here were actually touched upon by these writers even back in 1971:
  • Rashid Minhas created a consensus through his sacrifice when ideologies were only creating dissentions
  • His decision was intuitive, and such decisions cannot be taken through minds alone – they involve much more
  • Rashid Minhas has moved from “Pakistan” to “the history of Pakistan” and will stay there forever
So many younger readers who commented on recent posts – and who neither saw these writings nor belong to that generation – came upon exactly the same thoughts which were expressed here. How?

Please think about this question, and let me know as you read these excerpts online now: Prose about Rashid Minhas


  1. Very nice writings,i must say.
    Every line made me feel proud of being a citizen of Pakistan- A land which give birth To Such "Brave,courageous and devoted" Youth like Rashid Minhas.

    About the point you raised,i think that it is something to do with our basics, whether aware or unaware, somewhere in our subconscious we know our basics, we just need to discover it..

    And these lost writings--prose, poems and artcles can really help!!

  2. Rashid Minhas instinctively did what most forces officers could not do after lot of thinking and hesitation; to die to save honor of Pakistan. If even 25% officers and Jawans had decided to defend the sacred soil of Pakistan, till last man and last bullet, Pakistan could have been saved.

    Rashid become the first drop of rain and a role model for rest to follow. The fact that the rest of the forces did not rise up to the occasion, does not diminish the importance of his sacrifice. It rather underlines his unique stature and unparalelled gallantry. His sacrifice has immortalized him and he will always be fondly remembered and reverred by a grateful nation.

  3. Poems on Rashid Minhas specially the one by Parveen Shakir was a magic. Prose a more difficult art to sink in well and receptive with the recipient, also weaved a spell. Somehow when it comes down to our mothers or motherland we are very transparent, true and yet profound. Ibrahim Nafees( or I thought Ibrahim Jalees)last sentence was very powerful and illuminating.

  4. Are clips from the newspaper stories around that time also available? If so, can you scan and upload them too? Another important issue: I just checked out wikipedia and the page implies that the story of Rashid's deliberate sacrifice is a claim by PAF. Surely this can be set straight? he had reported of MutiurRehman's by communicating with the control tower and his last received-orders were to prevent the plane from being highjacked. If wikipedia can be updated with proper and irrefutable citations (such as newspapers of those dates), I'm sure it will be a great service to all of us.

  5. amazing poems..v inspiring