Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Biography of Rashid Minhas (2)

Some who read the first chapter of the biography of Rashid Minhas yesterday have asked for more, saying that they can’t wait. Very well, then, I am going to upload a chapter every day. You can read the second episode today.

I wanted to wait until I could design the online version slightly better, with images and everything, but I guess that can be revamped later.

Chapter two (posted today) gives you the background of Rashid Minhas – personal as well as historical. Notice the last line of the chapter: “Pakistan was also the beginning of a glorious age and therefore conspiracies could do it no harm."

Had I revisited this manuscript anytime during the last twenty years (but I never did that), I would have passed this line as cliché penned down by my younger self in teens – and I may have felt a little embarrassed too.

Now, due to what I have discovered in the last two years, I think differently. What I think and know now about Pakistan can best be illustrated in these lines from the most popular Pakistani poet: “You are a beautiful feeling through which we found courage to live. You are conviction which never dies in the heart, you are hope which lasts forever.”
Read Chapter 2 of the Biography of Rashid Minhas
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  1. Thanks alot for uploading the second chapter, you have given the history so nicely,that reader will not feel any difficulty in the later chapters.

  2. Emergence of new values, new aspirations and a new country just on the brink of appearance is so aptly reflecting through the entire script of Chapter two by the writer who is also pulsating with exuberance of youth.

  3. ReeBz and Akhtar, thanks. I hope u will like the next episodes too :). Soon, I am going to add pictures and media files.

  4. We need more patriots like Rashid Minhas now .... was just reading a post on this our shaheed inspired me to craete an informative video myself ... ....

    May Allah blesses us with more Rashid Minhas ....

    Pakistan Zindabad