Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Melody of Muslim Revival (1)

How many of us know that the Muslim world has an anthem, unanimously agreed upon by heads of all Muslim states? The decision was made through a resolution passed by the Islamic Summit Conference (Organization of Islamic Conference) in 1974.

For the last thirty-five years, this official anthem has been played every time the conference of Muslim states was held anywhere in the world.
It was written by Pakistani poet Jamiluddin Aali (lyrics were selected through international competition), and composed by Pakistani musician Sohail Rana (now that Rana is back in the country, he might be viewed on TV).

While listening to this official statement of Muslim revival (more eloquent and authentic than many academic writings), one cannot fail to recognize two contrasts:
  1. The music is reminiscent of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Western classics. Orchestra is distinctly modern
  2. Yet, the Islamic theme becomes evident somehow – inexplicably, the music reminds you of the Quran itself (just like the poetry of Iqbal or Rumi)
Listen, and decide for yourself.

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  1. thanks for bringing this to the notice of all people.

    i have always enjoyed this anthem. i was a student of Sohail Rana and have great love and regard for this great man as i have for Aali Sahab.

    Also Habib wali mohammed used to sing this and he was grand. i miss all these old faces and wish that we could have the same pakistan and the same kind of islam of those early years. who can forget Shahnaz begum. i was lucky enough to be on sohail rana's program with her.

    Muna Kazi Pathan

  2. When we hear HUM MUSTAFAVI HAIN in Mehdi Zaheer's rich and classic voice, we get excited, energize and elevated. The power of lyrics, voice and music are very well harmonized and amalgamated in this epic song. Thanks Khurram Sahib for bringing it back, and making as feel invigorated.

  3. Muna and Akhtar Sahib, thanks. There is more to this song which will be unfolded until it links up with what we have been discussing in relation with the issues emerging from the story of Rashid Minhas. Stay tuned :D

  4. This Anthem was discussed in he session of SOIS on Saturday June 6. We learned incredible facts about this one and analyzed the music and lyrics a bit. One strong point about this song was that any Muslim from anywhere in the world, who could read Quran, could figure out what various stanzas were talking about. I hope Khurram Bhai write about all that here to everyone's benefit. T H A N K S...