Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Poems about Rashid Minhas

As I write this post, the search for a missing aircraft is being carried out over the Atlantic while we are doubting whether all young cadets abducted by the enemies of state in Pakistan have been released: news items sadly reminiscent of motifs from the story we have been discussing here. Let’s pray for all who have suffered in these tragedies.

The last post mentioned some great sacrifices which enriched humanity. I have been asked to explain the references: Jesus Christ, Imam Husain and Mansur Hallaj. I shall do that soon.

Today, I am sharing some poems which were written in Urdu soon after the incident of Rashid Minhas. I have selections from 20 poets including stalwarts like Shorish Kashmiri, Sehba Akhtar, Rana Akbarabadi (father of renowned musician Sohail Rana), Parveen Shakir (already shared) and Aslam Kamal (best known for making illustrations in Nuskha haye Wafa).
  • Why these poems are never mentioned in the histories of Urdu literature?
  • Why they are not included in textbooks in Pakistan?
  • Why nobody heard about them after those days?
Think about these questions as you read them online now: Poems about Rashid Minhas.


  1. As far as i think,its all pre planned,its the duty of those who are serving literature and working for it,to make certain policies which will ensure these poems as a part of text books specially.
    once they are included in the text books,they will be the part of our history as well.but first and most important thing is to realize their importance.I personally think that when such poems are frequently available for a child to read,then they can play an important role in the personality development according to OUR values and culture.

    Why they are not included in the text books?

    Simple is this, our priorities have been changed, what do you think that how many of pakistani children know about "Rashid Minhas"?
    only few sir.

    many things are responsible.
    firstly "popular culture". I think that media can have very obvious effect on the minds and personality of a child,So, very cunningly the direction of our media has been turned towards destruction only.

    Here i've a question sir,
    You are an educationist,why don't your community do anything for this?You are the one who have to take the first step i guess.

  2. ReeBz, thanks. I am an educationist but I usually work in the private sector. I am currently revising a set of Social Studies textbooks which I wrote for secondary schools and will incorporate these ideas in them. But I do agree that a lot more needs to be done. However, I'm afraid that the reasons for our self-destruction are more deep-rooted than we have ever suspected, and we should also recognize them in order to take positive action.

  3. Thank you Khurram, for sharing these lost poems on Rashid Minhas. ReeBz questions very pertinent, but answers as you said not easy as malady is deep rooted and needs thorough assessment.

  4. Wasim, thanks, and yes we shall start assessing those maladies in a few days. That's where are all the comments have been leading to (more than my posts themselves).