Tuesday, April 6, 2010

20. Silent Tunes

This is the 20th chapter in the revised online version of The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality.

You have reached the end of the first part of Secrets and Mysteries. The last chapter, ‘Invocation,’ is the opposite of the prelude. There, the Poet spoke to you but now he is addressing God.

Some of his claims, which appeared strange at that time, sound less outlandish now, and the prayer which he is making has more meaning to you than someone who hasn’t gone through the Garden like you.

“O Lord, whose face lends light to the moon and the stars,” the Poet is addressing God. “Withdraw Your fire from the soul, take back what You have put in my breast, remove the stabbing radiance from my mirror, or give me one good companion to be the mirror of mine all‑burning love! In the sea, wave tosses side by side with wave: each has a partner in their emotion. I beg of Your Grace a sympathizing friend, one who is adept in the mysteries of my nature, a friend endowed with madness and wisdom so that I may confide my secret to that soul and see again my face in another heart.” Obviously, he means you.


  1. Beautiful and mesmerizing, translucent and vivid, gripping and engaging, Khurram Sahib this is great going.